Genres : Psychological

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Date: 09/30/2021
In the second volume of CONSTELIS VOSS' anime-inspired sci-fi experience, Alex and his friends find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. As Tyr—the planet-sized ship's conveniently very evil villain—starts in on the...
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A Long Road To Revenge by Denise Beddows

Date: 09/24/2021
A decades-old Russian bio-terror weapon is being deployed on the streets of London. People with no apparent connection are dying horribly, and there is no clear motive. MI5’s Harry Edwards and Counter Terrorism Command’s Detective...
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Salem’s Daughters by stephen tremp

Date: 09/16/2021
Following the loss of their promising careers, Bob and Debbie Stevens embark upon opening a bed and breakfast. Their savings depleted and desperate for cash, Bob reluctantly allows Debbie's meddling grandparents to co-sign a three...
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HELLROSE by Emma King

Date: 09/04/2021
Over the past 150 years, HELLROSE psychiatric hospital has become one of America's most feared establishments.After being plagued by flashbacks to a terrifying past, a psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Williams, tries to repair her life by...
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