10 Principles To Live Peacefully
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The real enlightenment of humans is not by avoiding or escaping life, but through it, gracefully.

You know, the God is connected with emotions and hope, but humans are connected with mind and intelligence. In any century, most of the intelligent people have been failing to grasp the secret to become peaceful all the time. Predominantly when we need mental stabilization, we fail to find something meaningful in our intelligence. Most humans change in life when they experience pain. We don't essentially change with minds but with emotions. We are the creatures of emotions and that's why we get distressed in our lives even how much intelligent and educated we are. Moreover, our generation is embracing to find solutions in deep but mostly our answers are in the simple aspects of life. When the extraordinary man understands the ordinary man, the distinction starts ending.

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also hard to bear. - C.S. Lewis.

10 Principles to Live Peacefully, the book highlights and elaborates the following practical aspects that can transform your life forever:

1. Why you’re not at peace! what make you unhappy!
2. You: The control of your life
3. Analyzing your daily habits
4. The infinite random thoughts
5. Slow attachment: Stop or encourage
6. How to overcome the confusion
7. The activities of tiredness
8. How to feel magnificent every morning
9. The culture of stoicism
10. Are you Buddha?
11. Why we should not find peace!
12. The unending loop of being sad
13. The power of acceptance
14. The point of frustration
15. Why you feel tired even after sound sleep
16. Why you’re bored with the work you enjoyed once
17. I want to be peaceful but still focus on negative events in my life, Why?
18. How to kill anxiety, negative thoughts, procrastination, destructive habits, and no good feelings
19. The little details of people's life
20. Human qualities
21. Billionaires’ strategy to remain peaceful!
22. The psychology of entire human life: I know a lot about you!
23. What happened to us when we were growing!
24. Why we always find others happier than us!
25. Why we always expect others to behave right!
26. How humans can adjust to extremes!
27. Why people always think something is missing!
28. You aren't yourself!
29. Why different is different!
30. The learning of gap between you & others
31. Know the difference between what is right, and what you think is right!
32. How we actually think and why we are drowning slowly!
33. The consistency of peace
34. The concentric circle of our relationships
35. The core of our character!
36. Building lifestyle for any situations of life!
37. How we react & live after connecting with people and everything we want!
38. How to recreate your time!
39. How to build concentration of your thoughts: Thinking positive
40. What brings stress to our minds!
41. Normal vs. creative people: What creative people do but normal people don't.
42. When to stop being emotional!
43. How difficult is peace in any century of time!
44. Extremely tired, but still, why you aren't sleeping!
45. The life satisfaction
46. The reasons of self-satisfaction
47. Detachment but with attachment: What practically possible is with our lives!
48. How to feel great in life!
49. The assumptions with people the practice to understand human, life, and everything!
50. The overlapping of your thoughts
51. What to do in case of you want to give up in life
52. The wrong sleeping schedule
53. Family & friends conflicts
54. The concept of being happy and sad!
55. The origin of peace

Prophet Muhammad said, whoever said that the people are hopeless; he's the one that is making them hopeless.

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