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At the tender age of six years old, George was sexually molested. At the age of ten, he had a shotgun pointed at his young face. At the age of twelve, his father had died. By the time he was fourteen, his mother was a chronic alcoholic and at the age of twenty-one, he had been stabbed three times and had become a well-known drug dealer.
His life was not easy, but whose is?

He was now another unfortunate black statistic of Southeast London. The thing is, he did not want to be, he wanted to change that, and he did.

George’s story is one of many in London city. It is a gripping story of friendships, betrayal, loss, and love, and of injustice and of hope. It is his story and of the people he has met throughout his life. How all of them helped shape and develop the man he is today!

A Ghetto Estate of Mind is gritty, edgy, universal, and raw! It is a blues tale. A true-life testament of a young man trying to survive the harsh realities of life, and how he overcame them.

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