A Scrooge for Christmas: A Short Holiday Romance
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How do you make an overgrown, grumpy, devastatingly hunky Christmas-hater fall in love with you?


Piper Grace has always had the freedom to do what she wants - chop off her hair, travel to France, eat dessert for breakfast. With her favorite holiday season around the corner, nothing is going to stop her from living her dream life at full throttle and throwing around as much Christmas cheer as she pleases. Nothing, that is, except the heartthrob of a Grinch next door.


Russell Harding has always had the freedom to do what he wants - grow out his hair, stay in his cabin, and enjoy his meat and potatoes. He has too many bad memories with this wretched holiday, and he has too many reasons not to date. Unfortunately for him and his firm resolve, he just can't seem to see enough of the cute little pixie who moved in next door. Not that he's in danger of catching feelings for her. He's impervious to feelings. All feelings.


Furthermore, Russell has a firm hatred for the sickening display of decoration, fuss, consumerism, and annoying joy that comes with Christmas. Every. Year.


Piper, on the other hand, has a profound love for all things holly and jolly.


When these two are repeatedly thrown together over a series of Christmas events by a scheming family, they will have to ask themselves just how far they are willing to go to avoid losing their heads and hearts to love this Christmas. And when Piper accidentally overhears a conversation meant for any ears but hers, sparks will fly, heads will butt, hearts will collide harder than ever.

It's going to take more than a couple of meet-cutes and a moment under the mistletoe to capture this Scrooge's heart and bring this couple together this Christmas.

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