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"A lovely, inspiring story about a young boy expanding his horizons and learning to enjoy travel and exploration. This is an uplifting and heartwarming book.” Suzanne Goh, MD, BCBA, Board Certified Pediatric Behavioral Neurologist.

From scared and travel-phobic to a spirited avid traveler, this is a true story of a sweet boy with autism who was scared of traveling. The parents decide to take him out on a journey, so they gradually prepare him by implementing helpful strategies to cope with his fear and anxiety.

Travel anxiety can be very distressing for kids on the autism spectrum. Moby's parents were concerned that he was missing out on many new learning opportunities since he was not exploring the world outside his home. So, they take him out on a short vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through Moby, the author penned down a personal story with her son who is on the spectrum and discussed how as parents they helped their son get over his travel anxiety using different strategies. In addition, Moby explores the scenic city of Minneapolis, which has turned lush green in the spring season.

The book can be helpful for both neurodiverse and neurotypical children who are scared of traveling.

"A remarkable book. The illustrations by Rabindra Nath Barman were big, bold, and colorful and elevated an already fantastic story. I recommend that families and schools add this in their libraries."
Kameron Brook, Top Reviewer 2022, Reedsy Discovery