Be A True Yogi: Do you have what it takes? A comprehensive guide for building a solid foundation for your spiritual journey
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You are not taught or informed about the preparatory process required for your spiritual journey. Hence you face pitfalls and blockages too soon, only to give up your path sooner than later. Moreover, your questions remain unanswered as getting an audience with the Guru is difficult. This marvellous book outlines the mandatory preparatory processes in the path of human spiritual evolution and is easy to understand and follow. A true Yogi manifests a True Guru for themself. Are you a True Yogi? If not, start reading and following the instructions in a logical sequence to reach the level from where your spiritual journey will begin, and you will not stop until it ends with total transformation & Satchitananda!

About the Author :

Adiguru Prakriti is an Enlightened, Self-Realised Kriya and Tantra Guru who is a reincarnated disciple of Great Kriya Yoga Guru Shri Lahiri Mahasaya. In this life, her Kundalini was Awakened in 2011, and through opened Guru Chakra & visions of Guru Lahiri Mahasaya, she walked her journey and did her remaining Sadhana until she was Enlightened on 5th March 2015. Months-long Samadhi led her towards Self-Realisation in 2016. She was born and brought up in India, lived in the USA for more than a decade and now is living in Melbourne, Australia. After completing her own journey, she started teaching people around the world through the organisation she founded, “Being Shiva Foundation”.

About Being Shiva Foundation :

Being Shiva Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organisation founded by Adiguru Prakriti dedicated to cultivating and nurturing the ultimate human possibilities. The foundation is a human service organisation that helps people attain spiritual liberation by helping them walk their spiritual journey. It is a movement towards Global Consciousness Breakthrough via individual transformation.

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