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Are you tired of “being stuck” in your business, dreaming one day you would double your business in a

year, but never making it happen or knowing how?

Maybe you’ve listened to many people, read books, attended seminars or conferences, or watched

videos and still haven’t doubled your business? Or maybe your business ideas, strategies, execution, or

plan failed to achieve that “200 percent growth in one year” and you’re wondering what went wrong?

In this step-by-step workbook and action-oriented book filled with the right structure and tools, Bimal

Shah helps you build a customized proven path to doubling your business in one year and taking over

your industry by becoming the only one at what you do.

In Becoming a Pioneer- Book 1 you will discover:

  1. How to build a 3-year goal that is closest to your 25-year Goal: Big picture thinking and imagination

to go above and beyond what you thought was possible.

  1. How to get to your 3-Year goal in One Year: Questions to make you thinking, integrate, and execute

the big and small and make you feel that you can really attain your 3-year goal in a year.

  1. How to double with a lean team while building additional revenue streams in your business.

  2. Four proven “leap” strategies and dozens of thinking tools you can use to double your sales or profits

and make a meaningful positive transformation in your business.

  1. The only three ways to build your dream come true company organization chart that makes financial sense to you.

You will also be able to:

  • To build your own customized takeaways at the end of every chapter.

  • Get Insights in the end that cater to your bottom line given by Bimal to double your business using

those insights alone and take over your industry.

  • Use True success stories in each chapter that show you that the systems work and questions that

help you build your own customized blueprint and action plan for each day of the week.

  • Free Training with the book to deliver 10 times more value on the content, actions, and tools

provided in the book.

  • Get Access to FREE tools and resources

Becoming A Pioneer helps you double your business and become the only one in your industry through

a book. Becoming a Pioneer Book Series provides a master blueprint for building pioneers with

organizations that will not only prosper long into the twenty-first century and beyond but also have a

system that can be used repeatedly to improve the growth and sustainability. Get practical guidance

that converts into your own decisions and actions to build exponential growth that stands the test of


Becoming A Pioneer turns aspiring entrepreneurs into sustainable pioneers.

Don’t wait. Read this book and unlock The Pioneers Platform today.

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