Dear Dominant
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Dear Dominant by Amit Pal


The book is a fiction novel giving insight into the problems faced by a married couple. Communication issues, ignoring boundaries, lack of trust, unfaithfulness, and emotional infidelity are some of the problems presented by the author. And the consequences of these problems lead a human to do things that he/she never thought to do in their wildest dreams. Something like this was faced by the protagonist, Samantha, and an attempt to save her marriage brought more complications to her life. Dr. Harshal Sharma, who intends to save Samantha’s marriage, falls in love with her subsequently. The story revolves around both of them with their own confusions, emotions, feelings, and doubts.

The story is written from two POVs i.e, Samantha as well as Dr. Harshal Sharma. Along with the chapters, the POV also changes respectively. This makes the reader more precise about their individual feelings and emotions. The book really shows some amazing character development, majorly through Stephan Chambers and Samantha.

The ending of the book is kept intensified with a cliffhanger by the author giving last-minute tensions to the readers. Since it is only the first part of the book readers have to wait shortly for the complete story.

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