Eternally Cryptic Works
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Eternally Cryptic Works by Pablo Weston


A scintillating collection of poems by English poet Pablo Weston. Subjects ranging as diversely as experimenting with psychedelia to a guide on how to revolutionise a political system, from arguing over sharing some fudge equally to a poem about dreams inspired by Chuang Tzu. Scathing satire, heartfelt verse, every topic ranging from the profound to the mundane, each peppered with an appropriate amount of mysticism. This vast collection truly is a lucky dip of poetry that has the rare ability to intrigue both newcomers to the art form and seasoned veterans equally. In this second edition, Weston employs Scouse wit and an unashamed mastery over the English language so few poets have or dare to flaunt in the modern age, reviving traditionalism whilst also innovating through experimentation. This copy also includes never seen before commentary on a handful of the poems within the collection, offering insights into the mind of a poet, the creative process, and demystifying a small part of what remains one of the most enigmatic works of fiction written this century.

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