Falling for the Secretary

Falling for the Secretary by Emily Winters


The handsome new CEO has decided he's going to date Dana, but she only has eyes for his secretary, James. Where the CEO scares her with his aura of power, James is warmly human. As the CEO makes Dana's job progressively harder, she can't help but fantasize about James and his impeccable body. But finally she's had enough and she puts in her resignation, only for the CEO to confront her in private. This work-place romance is a slow build to an erotic finish.

Workplace fantasy turns into reality in this romantic, erotic novelette as Dana's daydreams of being with the boss's secretary turn out to be all wrong. Turns out, her imagination isn't anywhere near as sexy as James can be. Spicy, explicit, and sure to leave you satisfied. 18+

The first in a series of stand-alone steamy workplace romances.

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