FEMPRENEUR: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur.

With Fempreneur, Talia reveals her brand-building secrets for ambitious female entrepreneurs that want to build a business that rewards them with loyal customers for years to come.

She shares tried and tested strategies that inspire and encourage female entrepreneurs to act on their big idea. The book will not only teach you how to grow your brand, but it also demonstrates how you can stand out from the competition and develop the confidence to discover new opportunities.

Talia’s formula for success as a female entrepreneur is shared through the in-depth process of building a strong foundation, attracting aligned buyers, and becoming a purpose-driven leader. She illustrates how businesswomen can be successful by learning the best practices to market their personal brand and create a community of raving fans.
Throughout the book Talia shares snippets of her own journey as a successful female entrepreneur; she talks about the entire process of promoting a brand while incorporating her personal story of building her own status as an expert in the field of public relations.

By the time you finish reading, you will feel more motivated as a female entrepreneur, and proud to showcase your accomplishments. Even if you already have an existing business, you will learn how to re-energize your brand image and find new ways to monetize it.

Fempreneur is more than just a book for female entrepreneurs; it’s mentorship through the wisdom shared by a successful business owner, Talia Beckett Davis.