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Fusion by Bill Parker


I am not crazy.Elm Cove really did exist.  I know it did.  I remember it.  I went there when I was just a young boy.  It existed in this time stream.  I'm sure of it...
I am Dr. Mike Phillips, Ph.D.  I am not some crazy conspiracy theorist.  I am as sane and rational a person as you are.  Twenty years ago, when I was just a young boy, I was caught up in an alien insurrection happening right here on Earth, but I was the only person that saw anything, and I was just a young boy.  No one believed me.  My life went on.
But that was twenty years ago.  I now find myself swept back into that interplanetary alien intrigue.  It has taken me in like a lost child, and I have become an integral part of it... so now I find my life in peril and the future of life on Earth at risk.  It all comes down to me, but I cannot save you.  Only you can save you.

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