Hope Has a Dream: An Empowering Picture Book to Help Children Say No to Racism and Embrace Diversity
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Hope Has a Dream is a touching picture book that encourages children to stand up against racism. The book shows us that regardless of differences in skin color, we are all part of the human race. 

Hope is a brave young girl who dreams of a better world. When her best friend Imani experiences an episode of racial discrimination, Hope can't simply stay silent.
She decides to act, and she does it in a truly inspiring way, following the example of her hero, 
Martin Luther King Jr.

With this delightfully illustrated children's book, you will teach your children about diversity, and how to be kind to others, no matter who they are or how they look like.

They will understand why our differences make this world such a wonderful place and that we're all the same inside, no matter the skin color. They will also learn that it's right to stand up against injustice and discrimination.

Genre: Children's
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