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In 2020 and 2021, during and after the quarantine, many experienced financial problems. This book sets out the specific, practical actions of people in the current situation. You can repeat them. But, as you read through, you will most likely come up with your own ideas on how to improve your life. 

The heroes of the book will tell you how they went from failure to success step by step, what exactly they did and how they coped with difficulties. Here, entrepreneurs and ordinary employees of various companies, men and women of different ages and with different social status, will tell you their stories. They all have one thing in common: financial problems that knocked them down and made them look at their lives in a new way. Practical advice will help you to resolve your difficult situation. There are no clever tips for financial literacy or investing in the book. Here you will find life itself, stated on the screen of your device. 

The book is based on real events. All heroes' names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of their personal and financial lives. All stories are told with the consent of the heroes and at their request in order to help people who find themselves in similar situations.

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