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From author Abelia Sumpter comes an enemies-to-lovers duology set in space. Fantasy kisses scifi in this dark, romantic tale. Lady of the Colum tells the story of an amnesic girl who wakes up in a palace, only to discover she’s married to the man who rules it all.

He may claim to dislike me, perhaps he even hates me, but I see the way his gaze glosses over my lips. Who knew my growing infatuation toward him would become the least of my worries?

When I awoke aboard the Imnicus, I remembered nothing. No memory of my life, or of the Imnicus invasion that put me in a coma. Only my name, Margot Arris. Now, I am stuck in a forgotten marriage to the Colum, a union disjointed even before Lavenai attacked. The Colum is withdrawn and hard-hearted. Every interaction pushes me further from him and toward ruminating over every aspect of the invasion. I try to readjust and find fulfillment in the confines of outer space. But the halls of the Imnicus have secrets. When two servants end up with mysterious burns, and another turns up dead, I worry the threat from Lavenai hasn’t left.

The answers must lie within my missing memory, but will I untangle a plot deeper than the Imnicus’ shadows?

Lady of the Colum is suitable for readers age 18+ and contains both violent and sexual situations.

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