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John Hill is eager for the day when he will be with the love of his life Katie. Katie Williams lives with her parents out of town and they had just got engaged. However, the world is changing. The government no longer recognizes marriage as we know it. Marriage has been deemed a failed experiment. However, this doesn’t deter John. John is determined to make his way to Katie and marry her, regardless of society’s changing culture. Yet the world is descending into chaos.

Seemingly overnight, the world experiences one disaster after another. As fear grips the hearts of many, a leader named Xander Elyon emerges promising peace and safety to all who will follow him. Many Christians realize he is not who he says he is and that the end of life as we know it has just begun.

Michael Hill (John’s dad) and Miles (John’s brother) are both police officers. Christianity has become illegal, lines are drawn and Michael and Miles find themselves on different sides as Elyon begins to rise up as a global leader.

Will Michael be able to reach Miles before it’s too late? Will John be able to make it to Katie to keep her safe from the chaos? And what will it cost people as they begin to follow Elyon?

Life itself hangs in the balance in Left Alive, a sweeping fact-based End Times thriller rich with apocalyptic prophecy and chilling twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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