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David is a young man who finds himself on an island in the middle of the ocean. He doesn't remember how he got there and, through various encounters with people and events, finally realizes the island is in fact a dimensional bubble insulated from Time and Space. Most of what he sees comes directly from his subconscious, and his conscience is eventually led to the understanding of his life purpose: stopping the spreading of the Communitrons before they take all human consciousness. The Communitrons are machines that feed off the minds of their human pilots (Communauts), evolving into sentient Homo Machinas and leaving the humans as empty shells or brainless humanoids.

David manages to leave the island and returns to his time with the aid of Adam, a commonaut, and takes back his role as a futuristic version of Red Cross Official. The world in which David has returned is a huge radioactive wasteland where a few fortified Megalopolis contain the remnants of a technological human society slowly dying.
While on a rescuing mission in the wasteland David meets a special woman, Lucy, who holds the keys to understand the Island, the Communitrons, and the future of human civilization.

Through a mind-triggered, dimensional warp-hole David meets with the scientist who devised the plan who is destroying humanity.

Lucy is the Alpha Mater, the ultimate experiment of the Professor, the first Communitron who evolved taking the mind, the shape and the emotions of a human being. There is only one way to break the seemingly endless spiral of the Communitrons outspread, and that is a sacrifice that David is not willing to accept.

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