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Omni Reign by Aeon Mosbach


Humans installed Omni, an all-encompassing artificial superintelligence, to govern life on Earth after a climate catastrophe that covered the planet under eternal rain clouds. With its legion of autonomous smart-machines, it provides for everyone.

Thanks to Omni’s flawless use of resources, Mark has everything he needs to maximize his performance and be the best version of himself. In return, like every other reputable citizen, he offers total transparency: A public broadcast of his emotions which Omni computes into an undisputable record of how he feels about others. Vice versa, others relentlessly emote on how they feel about him. Mark only interacts with peers he believes are likely to praise him and raise his social status. Asleep, he publishes his dreams as virtualized entertainment, open for everyone to watch and judge. Awake, he works as a medicalizer, creating aesthetic body modifications for his clients, who hire his services to improve their physiognomy and impress their peers.

Until one day, Mark’s robotic surgeon botches a surgery.

High on prescribed neuro-enhancers, Mark ignores medical protocols to save his client’s life. He hacks into Omni’s programming. There, buried deep in its code, he stumbles upon a dark secret that stains their utopian society.

Chased by the authorities and powerful individuals, he runs into Kéo, a mysterious rebel, who seduces him to challenge the status quo.

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