The Basics Of Agile and Lean: Develop an Agile Mindset and Lean Thinking (Lean-Agile Product Development)
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People often debate whether Agile and Lean are the same or different. This book is written to introduce you to the core values and principles of both Agile and Lean methodologies and will hopefully answer some of the common questions such as:

- What is 
- What is 
- Which is better? 
Agile or Lean?
- What are the 
12 Agile Principles?
- What is the 
Agile Manifesto?
- How many 
Agile frameworks are there?
- What is 
- What is the difference between 
Agile and Scrum?
- Which methodologies are used to 
scale Agile to large teams or to the enterprise?
- What is 
- Is 
Kanban Lean or Agile?
- What is the 
Toyota Production System?
- What are the different versions of the 
Toyota House of Lean?
- What are the 
principles of Lean?
- How are Lean and Agile different?
- How is Lean the same as Agile?

Anyone who is interested in being Agile or who wants to adopt lean thinking would benefit from this book. 
Grab your copy today. Learn Agile and Lean methodologies to deliver better business value.

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