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Attention all current and future entrepreneurs, dreaming of their own business!

This book is for sure to be a source of valuable information, inspiration, and stimulus for the material improvement of your own life, if...

·       You are young and full of energy, but you do not know where to start your own business and what to do to succeed in the business world;

·       You are a student, tired of parental financial dependence, looking for a way out of this situation;

·       You are an office employee, dreaming to get rid of the corporate routine and becoming independent in all senses of personality;

·       You are already a working businessman, seeking to increase their income through investment or expansion of areas of activity.

Do you know what is the most important thing to create any successful startup?

No, it’s not influential patrons, successful mentors, or even a substantial initial investment. The main thing is the idea! It is a timely, mature thought, insight, and vision, which later becomes a source of further success.

This is where the author of this book, “The Quest for a Fantastic Future”, Thomas Henderson offers his help. In this book, the best ideas for business are structured according to different criteria. Here everyone can find something for themselves, for their abilities, interests in life, and their own skills.

The list of business ideas in this book includes:

·       Options for working and owning your own business from home;

·       Best small business ideas in the USA;

·       Creative, unique ideas for business and just popular service industry suggestions;

·       Part-time business ideas for those who plan to combine employment with their own business;

·       Already familiar and new ideas for business online – you only need a computer and a stable internet connection;

·       Ideas for business with the highest profit or with a stable income;

·       Finally, for those who wish to minimize any risks associated with entrepreneurship, easy-to-start business ideas.

So, are you ready to take the first step to true freedom and create your own business? Remember this first step starts with an idea – maybe with a crazy, unconventional, or trivial idea, but with an idea.

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