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The Wellness Philosophy Book is a guide to the philosophy of health. Hippocrates once said that if you doctor and philosopher you are almost a god. With this book, we will understand how important is Philosophy for our health. Philosophy is the best cure for the mind and soul and people without philosophy are unbalanced. Unbalance can cause mental and physical symptoms which can lead to disease. In this journey, we are going to learn about the meditation practices of Pythagoras, Socrates, and the Stoics. The Aristotelian Golden Mean, the sacred Tetractys, and the Pentagram of Pythagoras. We will learn from the demi-god healer Asclepius, about the Snake, and dream Therapies.

We will explore Platonism, Cynicism, and also the Epicurean and Stoic philosophy as psychotherapy in modern psychology. Finally, we will discover together the secrets of Apollonius of Tyana, one of the Greatest Healers of all times, and we will see from Plutarch and the Pythagoreans why the meat diet is not the best option for human health. If you follow the wellness Philosophy book guide your life will change for the best. ╬ťorality is one of the greatest forms of well-being and Philosophy is the medicine of the soul.

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