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Tipu Finds Magic by Sue Doe


The vampires are up to something. It’s the best kept secret of Naystaf…until a 21 year old human boy says it out loud.

Condemned to a life of mediocrity, Tipu is bored of everything; even his friends. He thought there would be more going for him by the time he got to college, but it’s his senior year, and still no sign of a life he wants.

It’s just like any other day, except today he completely dropped the ball on being cool and had a full on meltdown in front of his friend. One thing leads to another and now he’s going down a manhole with a 5 year old gnome.

Tipu Finds Magic is a coming-of-age fantasy novel in which magic of the West meets magic of the East. This novel makes an excellent read for anyone hoping to experience new worlds through the eyes of an honest and candid narrator.

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