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 Produce you just picked from your vegetable garden tastes much better than produce you purchase. For new gardeners, however, establishing a garden can be daunting. You don’t want to waste all that money and time only to have everything die. 

This book was written for you. The author addresses all the steps in picking a site, getting it ready to plant, taking care of the vegetables, and caring for the site after the season is over. Vegetable Gardening from the Ground Up covers: 

  • Understanding basic climate factors for your site 

  • Choose a traditional, raised bed, container, square-foot, or lasagna garden 

  • Ready the garden plot 

  • Order the seeds and plants 

  • Start the potential vegetables correctly 

  • Fertilize the plants 

  • Mulch your flourishing plants appropriately 

  • Control pests, diseases, and other problems 

  • Safely use organic or synthetic pesticides 

  • Harvesting your bountiful produce 

  • Safely storing the harvest 

  • Save seeds and/or trade them 

  • Caring for the garden plot between seasons 

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