Genres : Paranormal Romance

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Wielder’s Prize by Melissa Mitchell

Date: 09/15/2023
Every witch needs a wielder. Newly bonded, Aramina sets out from the Citadel to take up her first assignment. Traveling across Raeria won’t be easy. Not because of the demons along the way, but because...
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Date: 09/13/2023
A woman transported to a magical world, the man who swore in blood to protect her, and the twisted secret that threatens to destroy them both... Emily Gazer goes out for her morning jog through...
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Date: 09/11/2023
A Blood Deep Darkness (The Dark Reunion Series, Book 1) Vampire insurrectionist Camden Moretti is determined to put an end to the vicious blood-system that has held the world captive since the Human Annihilation war....
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Fireflies by Shea Hulse

Date: 08/13/2023
Bridget had never considered herself special, odd definitely. But nothing worth looking at twice. And she had never cared to be looked at twice either. Until Declan, that is. Then one night Bridget is approached...
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Date: 08/06/2023
In the bustling city, Lily's life as a graphic designer was mundane, void of excitement. That is until a chance encounter with the enigmatic and alluring Aiden. Drawn to him like the moon's pull on...
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Date: 08/05/2023
The Dakota pack has lived secretly in a town in the Great Smoky Mountains for years. Marala Dakota ran away from the safety of this world as a heartbroken, pregnant teenager. She's made a life...
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Date: 08/01/2023
When Mariyah is transported to a primitive city on an alien world, the native people immediately push her out into the mountainous forests to search for her 'fated mate'. Mariyah is determined to avoid him...
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Date: 07/31/2023
There are those who are born into loving families and then there are the less fortunate who must forge their own families through strong friendships. At a local small library in New York City, one...
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Date: 07/30/2023
This is my first novel it is based off of actual factual true events I have even included pictures I had captured during these wild out of this world experiences. I am sure this Romantic...
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The Echo of Time: Awakening by Sophia Wietrzna

Date: 07/13/2023
The Echo of Time. Awakening is a debut novel by a Polish author, Sophia Wietrzna. My life was like a dream. One from which you don't really want to wake up. And then it turned...