Genres : Psychological Thrillers

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I AM HERE: Whispers of her Shadow by Deepika Surendrababu

Date: 08/31/2023
The story takes place in a school setting, where Sasha's parents attend a meeting that leads to a tragic incident. Sasha's anxiety and mental state add to the tension of the story, which culminates in...
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You’ve Got a Mail by Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

Date: 08/31/2023
One night, Raj receives an email from Priya with a video attachment. As he plays the video, Priya reveals that it will be 5 days since she died when he watches it. Two more emails...
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Painted Homes by Parth Patel

Date: 08/17/2023
This is a short story collection consisting of thirteen stories ranging from surreal horror to humor.
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Shivers Down My Spine by Kenni Silas

Date: 08/16/2023
Can You See Me? The Standish Family mansion stands steeped in a history of terrifying events that ensnare anyone who dares to associate with it. The mansion was the brainchild of Oliver Standish, who tragically...
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Date: 08/04/2023
There’s a fine line between love and obsession, and sometimes it kills….. When Maggie’s friend, Nell, convinces her to keep her company at a speed dating event at the local pub, newly single Maggie reluctantly...
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The Flowers of Hiraeth House by Angelica Krystel

Date: 07/22/2023
A dark tale about loss and longing. A lost girl embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She is a misfit in search of belonging. She finds a place to call home in Hiraeth House. But...
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Murder at the Brothel by Madison Vale

Date: 03/19/2023
Will just one visit to the brothel cost you your life?Straight talking madam of the establishment, Esme Valentine, is out for retribution. There's been a murder on her premises, and she's taking it personally. But...
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Follow The Leader by J. J. Maguire

Date: 03/15/2023
Trust The Few. Fear The Many. FOLLOW THE LEADER.Lilith's idyllic life in the countryside is shattered when a group of masked men invades her home on a bone-chilling winter night.When her daughter is snatched away...
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Date: 01/29/2023
What happens when Jennifer Longo arrives at a small town where children are mysteriously disappearing?An anonymous cryptic link on The Longo Files website results in newly graduated investigative reporter, Jennifer Longo travelling to a small country town to...
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Date: 12/31/2022
This story takes the first two books Keeping Minds and Losing Minds and picks up where they left off. We rejoin Anna and a new "friend" on a twisted trip that you aren't going to...