Genres : Urban/Paranormal Fantasy

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Souled Out by Blakely Chorpenning

Date: 12/08/2022
Fans of fanged urban fantasy with a dash of horror, humor, and family drama will savor the twists and emotional scars of Souled Out.Vampires, vengeance, and inappropriate laughter ahead!My name is Ell Clyne. I'm just...
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Date: 12/07/2022
Kidnapped by a Fae Hunter.Azra lived her life as a human, until she hid herself away in a small town. Now she's on the Fae's radar and a hunter is coming.Greyson's job is simple. Hunt...
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A Face in the Night by Ron Kosmahl

Date: 11/30/2022
In his remarkable debut novel, Ray Kessler takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through recent German history. He masterfully moves between past and present timelines, weaving fictitious events with historical facts. Kessler creates...
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New Dominion by C.G. Harris

Date: 11/27/2022
Ghostly brawls, voodoo magic and a manhunt for a power-hungry dead guy. What did you do today?Underworld double agent Gabe Gantry can’t stop screwing up. And why can’t he have a cool Topside superpower like...
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The Alpha’s Kitten by Vera Foxx

Date: 11/24/2022
◆◆◆Wesley Hale, Alpha of the Night Claw Pack and Ceo of Hale Enterprises. He owns hotels and businesses that help support his large pack so they may live in peace. One fateful night had him...
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Date: 11/20/2022
Love doesn’t always have a happy ending, but when I learn that my love life is ending with one hell of a bang, I practically jump for joy.Freedom has been a dream far too unrealistic...
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The Glint of the Luopan by Sally Feng

Date: 11/20/2022
Lai Fang, a Chinese native living in New York, is working to recover her lost memory and find her father. Along the way, she finds herself in the arms of the mysterious Suresh who supports...
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Date: 11/14/2022
I don’t look for trouble. It finds me: murderous teachers, sexy supernaturals, devious plots.My name is Dawn Rose. I was the food-scavenger for my group of outcasts in the Fringe—what used to be LA County...
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Rejected Protector by Lotta Patterson

Date: 11/07/2022
This is not your typical rejection story 

Rift: Seoul Searching by Mana Lee

Date: 11/01/2022
Hyeri is just an ordinary girl working at a TV station in Seoul. That is until a freak accident leaves her with superpowers. Now suddenly she’s having visions of the future and seeing ghosts. What’s...
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