This little book covers 99.9% of any grammatical challenges encountered in a work context, and is all the reader needs to be confident in understanding and using correct grammar when speaking, presenting or e mailing. In reality, it’s easy if you just know a few simple rules, and the areas covered here are strictly on a need to know basis, to help give you an edge and greater credibility in increasingly competitive times. Poor grammar can so often (and totally wrongly) be linked with poor ability, thus negatively affecting other people’s perception and rating of you. This short book can only help to level up that playing field. Just a note-this isn’t about helping anyone to speak or write ‘poshly’, as local accents and turns of phrase are always important for good credibility, but just correctly. A 2017 YouGov survey found that 56% of employers would be put off hiring someone with bad grammar, so good grammar matters!

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