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Date: 04/22/2024
Boost your fitness with our 10-minute daily chair exercises. Developed by PrimeLife Wellness and physiotherapist Mathieu Sonier, this book offers 68 exercises, 2 workout plans, video demos, and 130+ illustrations for enhanced strength, flexibility, and...
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Date: 04/21/2024
Vivian Ashmead is a highly successful employment recruiter and retention specialist, traveling the country and climbing the corporate ladder. Her life is going perfectly according to plan. Until it isn’t. Her latest assignment is consulting...
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Date: 04/20/2024
"Colorful Shapes Adventure" is a captivating journey through a world of shapes, perfect for young readers learning about geometry and friendship. With its engaging storyline and vibrant illustrations, this book sparks curiosity and imagination. Children...
Genre: Children's

Embracing Calla by Tamara Mapstead

Date: 04/19/2024
Calla Benedict has been my client for some time now, and it always feels like I’m fighting him to make progress. I love a challenge, but he’s proving to be more difficult than my average...
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Testing Grounds by G. Allen Wilbanks

Date: 04/17/2024
Who are "The Apex?" And What do they want with us? The Earth has been discovered by a mysterious alien race known only as “The Apex.” People have begun disappearing at random from all over...
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A Touch of Revenge by Gary Ponzo

Date: 04/15/2024
FBI agent Nick Bracco heads an elite group of anti-terrorist specialists known as The Team. When his team members start showing up dead, Nick suspects a Kurdish terrorist who has revenge on his mind. As...
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Cold as Ice by Gracie C. McKeever

Date: 04/15/2024
[Siren Sensations: Consensual BDSM Contemporary Interracial Romantic Suspense Romance, MF, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA] Curious by nature, psychoanalyst Iceland Taylor likes knowing what makes people tick. Easygoing and gorgeous architect Lars Andersen is a...
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Hoodwinked in Hotlanta by Elizabeth Jensen

Date: 04/15/2024
From award-winning author Elizabeth R. Jensen comes a gripping story laced with fantastical thrills and ominous danger. Upon discovering a box of journals, Elyse Hutchinson finds herself haunted by thoughts of her family. She knows...
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Capitalism, Freedom and Society by Theodorus Frost

Date: 04/15/2024
Using video games as a reflection of society, capitalism and freedom is a good way to illustrate the effects of capitalism. Raising awareness and reasoning about important problems in society is the major goal of...
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Whispers Through The Canvas by Kathleen McGillick

Date: 04/14/2024
When an unconventional art historian is drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy after a young artist's brutal murder, she must race against time to decipher the dark secrets hidden within a 16th-century painting - secrets that...