Astral Projection: A Guide on How to Travel the Astral Plane and Have an Out-Of-Body Experience offers you the opportunity to learn how to explore the dimensions beyond the physical world and gain deeper insight and awareness about your existence and spirituality.

This remarkable guide to intentional out-of-body experiences covers a lot of ground on OBEs, astral projection, and exploration of the astral realm.

From A to Z, it tells you everything you need to know.

It provides examples of astral projection experiences, focusing particularly on how to achieve practical success, and showing you how to project out of your physical form to explore the universe at will.

From powerful techniques to secret tips that you never knew, you are in for a stunning discovery about OBEs.
With this practical guide, you can have your one-stop shop for everything related to astral projections and out-of-body experiences.

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99 Cent Bargain Book on September 19, 2020