6 Life Hacks for Family Caregivers: Be Your Own Coach & Beat Burnout
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Do you care for a chronically ill adult? Ever feel like you aren’t living your life?  Family caregiving is an unrecognized major life event.  Like having a baby or getting married your life has changed. But unlike having a baby or getting married there is no counseling to prepare you for the challenges ahead.  Most caregivers dive into action without ever stopping to think about how this new volunteer professional role ties in with the bigger picture of their lives.

If you are a caregiver, past or present, the six hacks in this book offer you six lenses through which to view your role.  Each idea is followed by a series of questions that will allow you to apply it to your caregiving circumstance. From the insight you gain, you are encouraged to take action that will better your life, better your experience as a caregiver and better the life of your care receiver. 

This focus of this book is the life of the caregiver, not the tasks of care management. It does not provide guidance on medical, financial, legal or residential matters that are a major part of the caregiving role. It does invite caregivers to coach themselves through the emotional, sometimes soul draining aspects of caregiving to understand how the role is as much about them winning in their lives as it is about them supporting the life of their care receiver. 
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