A Song of the Reaper

A Song of the Reaper by Daniel Brown


There’s a spirit in the valley that’s dealing in death, and it’s ready to make an offer: your soul for a second chance. For one old rancher who’s bleeding out on the mountain, this sounds like a fine trade.
For Jack Stott, who’s returning to his childhood valley, this means supremely bad timing.
The story of a missing man sweeps him into a search party on a blizzarding mountain, and when the party returns, it’s to the bodies of old neighbors cut up in dark corners and strewn along the valley’s only road.
Two truths are unmistakably clear. The killer is close, and the killer isn’t human… anymore.
With no way to escape and survivors in diminishing supply, it’s up to Jack to make a stand, even if it means taking on a killer that might be immortal or a spirit that’s hellbent on reaping one more soul.

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