After It’s Over
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After It’s Over by Hunter Chadwick


No electricity...No food

In the world that is left behind after the pandemic and the worldwide collapse that followed, a lone traveler searches for hope and meaning in the aftermath, while dealing with each new day as he and other survivors struggle against the tide of all that was lost.

A call for help...
When a desperate call for help comes from an old ex-girlfriend, Reece Daniels has a choice to make: step up to fight against the darkness or remain a spectator for the end of the world. With the help of other survivors, Reece is about to find out if the life of one man can really make a difference in the midst of so much loss.

*Trigger Warning: This book deals with the severe losses of the pandemic in a very realistic way, be warned*

What readers are saying about After It's Over:

"If you're into survival with lots of action and thrills, check this story out!"

"The writing is so breathtakingly beautiful and the subject matter hits close to home in a manner that makes me melancholy in a good way."

"The writing is intelligent and this story made me stop and think and ask, 'Am I prepared?' Read this story!"

"Original, well-written, and quite the page turner!"

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