All It Takes To Be Healthy: The Simple Science Of Maintaining, Improving, and Elevating Health and Fitness That Everyone Should Know
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''All It Takes To Be Healthy'' is a comprehensive health&wellness book that compiles between its two ends the essence of Nutrition, Medicine, and Naturopathy Sciences as well as Human Psychology that Everyone Should Know in order to make the right knowledge-based decisions that support their best possible health and fitness in different situations in addition to 30+ ready-to-apply Takeaways, making the book as practical as it is informational in the best ''inclusive'' way.

Speaking of ''inclusive'', we know 'inclusiveness' generally comes with degeneration at the level of reliability, so we had that issue covered by dividing the work among a team of experts. ''All It Takes To Be Healthy'' is a three-Part book that is reviewed and co-authored by three specialists; each in its field of expertise: Abby Black, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 18 years of experience in the field; Dr Bahareh Moushtag, a Naturopathic Doctor, and Dr Assia Megnounif, a Clinical Professor, and Medical Doctor since 2004.
Also, considering that ''All It Takes To Be Healthy'' is the first book from Thrive2Survive, T2S founder, sir Abdel Baba, took charge of the writing process himself to make sure the scientific facts and information are carefully delivered in a smooth and concise way and written in the best organized, easy-to-follow style that suits the public's level of understanding in areas beyond their specialities.

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