Baalak Returns: Book Three of the Baalak Trilogy
After nearly 50 years of captivity, Baalak is released from the underworld, and set loose to rebuild his sex cult on Earth. By now, Ron Fletcher has taken over the reins of the Gadsden Pacific Archaeological Institute, and his parents, Terry and Eileen Fletcher have retired. Baalak spends two years climbing out of Hell to find himself a man out of time in a world full of technology he has never encountered. With the help of Marshall Hansen, he learns how to get by, and proceeds to build his following. But he learns that he has been double-crossed by the same being who set him loose. Will Baalak rebuild his following? Will he get his vengeance on his sister Adrestia and the Fletchers? Or will his dream crash before it gets started? Find out in "Baalak Returns."
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