Back To Your Authentic Self: A Path Of Freedom And Fulfilment (English Edition)

In our modern world, where the focus is often on external success, productivity and finances, many people ask themselves:

What has remained of the carefreeness, creativity and playfulness in us? When did it disappear?

The answer of this book: It has not disappeared. Our true nature, including all these qualities, is still in each and every one of us. However, it is covered by thought patterns, beliefs and stress factors that we have absorbed from the outside over time.

Now, is it possible to return to our true nature? To see ourselves and others as we truly are? To live out our strengths, with projects that really excite us? To revive our carefree spirit?

Yes, it is possible. And this e-book lays out exactly how. It offers a concise overview of perspective shifts and techniques that can be directly implemented into our everyday lives.

Therefore, it is very valuable for anyone who wants to live in harmony with their true nature.

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