Being Mindful: Learn the Power of Pause, Create a Positive Life Story, and Live a Conscious Lifestyle

When was the last time you took a moment for yourself? A moment to recollect your thoughts, tune into your body, and appreciate where you are?
It has become harder, more than ever, to make time for silent reflection, meditation, or simply doing nothing. There are more tasks each day competing to get a piece of your attention, whether it is scrolling through social media or responding to never-ending work emails.
The truth is you have been distracted for many years by work, social issues, poor health, and strained relationships. These distractions have brought about a lot of stress in your life and have made it difficult to be present in the moment and enjoy the simple joys of life.
But since life isn’t getting any easier, it’s time for you to get wiser and learn how to live a conscious lifestyle, despite the chaos erupting all around you!
If living a grounded and peaceable life sounds appealing, then Being Mindful is the book for you!
Author and Yogi Yoshi Saiki is a mindfulness practitioner on a mission to teach ordinary Americans the art of conscious living. His typical clientele are individuals who are overworked, burned out, and who struggle with mental and physical health issues. In his book, 
Being Mindful, Yoshi Saiki shares principles for living a healthier and vibrant life amidst a busy lifestyle.
Readers can expect to learn how to:

  • stop overthinking and clear the mind of negative thoughts
  • create an empowering life story that can shape a positive future
  • replace harmful coping strategies with mindful habits, at home and at work

The power to change the direction of your life and create the harmonious lifestyle you dream of lies in your hands!
Get yourself a copy of 
Being Mindful today, and put your mind and body at ease.

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