Bite Me tender, Bite Me Sweet
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Over a hundred years ago, Emma swore she would never let her friends’ murder be forgotten. With the discovery of a letter detailing their slaying, she could finally fulfill that oath: she'd secure the land where her friends' house had once been under the Protection Act. Build a memorial. Share their story. Matthew Frederick Jones the Third would just have to buy land somewhere else. He would not touch that lot with a mile-long stick. And that was a vampire’s promise. ~*~ Matthew Frederick Jones III, Rick for his small number of friends (just one, really), had a perfect (and only) plan to save his (loathed) company: go incognito, steal, and destroy the letter that would activate the Protection Act, preventing him from buying the oh, so needed parcel of land. No land = no building = goodbye company. So, he would destroy it and save the day. He. Would. Not. Fail. What could go wrong? ~*~ Welcome to Mystic Hollow! Bite Me Tender, Bite Me Sweet is an enemy to lover, vampire + regular guy both with secret agendas, low angst, no darkness (but some sniffles) romance. Part of the Monster Brides Series.
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