Buy Bitcoin, You’ll Thank Yourself In The Future: A book about Bitcoin by BBCD Satoshi
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The purpose of this book is to show and give confidence to someone, looking to dip their toes into buying and or holding (hodling) Bitcoin. Bitcoin is unique. Bitcoin is a chance. Now maybe the window of opportunity. "Buy Bitcoin, You'll Thank Yourself In The Future” is a book intended for anyone considering buying Bitcoin as a strategic investment to hold on to for at least 10 years. The book looks at opinions for and against buying Bitcoin. These include people and organisations such as: Michael Saylor, Elon Musk, Andreas Antonopoulos, Bill Miller, Fidelity, Blackrock, and the Winklevoss Twins. Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffet, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bruce Schneier, Jemima Kelly, and Amy Castor. Subjects are then looked at including: Technical analysis, graphs, statistics, log/logarithmic view, metrics, theories, strategy, being a HODLer, question of money, risk management and importantly the opposite, why you shouldn't invest in Bitcoin. MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index) and Fibonacci Levels (Fibs). Bitcoin-specific niche statistics and models are looked at including: The 200-Week Moving Average Heatmap, The Puell Multiple, Stock-to-Flow Model, Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves, Long-Term Power-Law Corridor of Growth (Power Law), Clarke Moody’s Dashboard and the Bitcoin Halving Countdown. “Bitcoins have no dividend or potential future dividend, therefore not like a stock. More like a collectible or commodity.” Satoshi Nakamoto It's possible you may look back in the future and say “I bought Bitcoin, I thank myself I did”.
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