Carl’s Fish Farm: An Introduction to Aquaculture
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Spend a day with Carl the Channel Catfish as he gives a rhyming tour of his daily life on a fish farm in South Georgia. This educational book contains real-life environmental photos as well as illustrations of Carl, our narrator.

Children will learn:
-What aquaculture is
-What kind of organisms can be farmed in aquaculture
-How fish are farmed
-What equipment is used
-There's also a hydroponics activity in the back

...and so much more!

Whether you're an experienced fish farmer or just a curious reader, this book is perfect for any and all little ones! Created by the fish farmer's daughter, kids will get up close and personal with the daily aquaculture life through the pictures of "Edge's Aquatics Farm" in Soperton, GA and the beautifully illustrated cartoons by the author-illustrator. There's so much to learn in this book!

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