Caught In The Maelstroms

Caught In The Maelstroms by Hanna Grace N/a

Perfect for readers who crave a more mature rendition of stories told by Jenny Han and Laura Nowlin. Maelstrom. A powerful circular current of water; or a situation with great confusion, restlessness, and violence. A perfect storm. Expelled from university, Briar is forced to leave London and return to her coastal home in New York. Thrown back into a seemingly unfamiliar world, she finds herself surrounded by new and old temptations. Trying to regain her footing, she’s reunited with a suffocating piece from her past that threatens to unravel everything she’s become. What Briar thought would be a simple favor for her brother’s best friend turns into an invisible string, pulling her toward him in an inevitable collision. Stuck in a convergence of explosive emotions, she’s forced to choose between what she wants and what she knows to be right. Now caught, with seemingly no escape, Briar’s habitual antics are finally catching up to her, and may haunt her forever.
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