Church Delusions – if Jesus was the answer, why is the church such a problem?
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Church Delusions is a thought-provoking and honest review of Christianity for the many who’ve become disillusioned, disappointed, or disengaged.

Hundreds of millions of people over two millennia have viewed Jesus Christ as the answer to life’s biggest questions. Why, then, has the institution he inspired been such a problem? Corruption, abuse, misconduct and manipulation – none of this gels with the reputation of the humble Jewish teacher who gave his life for others.

It has become increasingly difficult to perceive truth, obscured by a deeply flawed church. As a society we’re impacted by this institution, even if unwittingly. Understandably, multitudes have walked away.

What is the church? What’s wrong with it? What’s it good for?

If we can better understand this peculiar organisation, warts and all, we may even chart a way forward. We need to do this. Too many have suffered, and too much is at stake. Doing so requires a broad field of view – standing back as far as possible in the quest for perspective – while zooming in on pertinent cases.

Drawing from insider knowledge, research and contemporary observation, Church Delusions deconstructs core failures within Western Christianity, including its symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. With insight and good humour, it helps us dissect the issues by differentiating between them, clarifying assumptions and anticipating the future.

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