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Do you have a dream? Our current environment has shaken us to the very foundation of our comfort zone. The comfort of status quo and a constant paycheck throw us off from our dreams. We don’t realize that opportunities are right at our fingertips. Comfort Zone Correction: Unfiltered True Stories In Successful Selling recounts strategies, thought processes, and over 25 encounters, that will show you how to draw attention, win customers, and create growth in any industry or career. Every entrepreneur, student, service provider, relationship manager or small business can relate to them. Emily Horabik was living a comfortable New York City lifestyle, stuck in a routine when she met her mentor Mr. Brown. His encounters and challenges taught her how to always think from outside of the box in order to be successful. Comfort Zone Correction: Unfiltered True Stories In Successful Selling captures Mr. Brown’s real life anecdotes. These business principles are only found through personal encounters in the academy of real life. She documents his hustle, humorous spirit, and captures what being an entrepreneur truly means. You need to continuously adapt, roll with the punches, and recognize that every challenge presents an opportunity. Look at your new normal from a solution driven perspective and the Wrap-Up Lessons at the end of every chapter will soon become your sales secrets. These action-packed, humorously dramatic stories will entertain you as well as educate you. They can be applicable to any of life’s situations, not just entrepreneurship. Let this be your wake-up call to recollect your passion, potential, or dream and go after them. Success is always possible, even if you have failed previously. This book is proof of that. Come out of your Comfort Zone and realize your potential!
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