Contract of The Crown
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Contract of The Crown by Elle Lacerta

There's a reason why you read the fine print before signing a Royal Document in blood. Iris Drasa, an aspiring Mage, wishes to train at the Royal Acadamy of the Arcane Arts. Too bad that's controlled by the fearsome Vampire dynasty: The Caeds, and any magic beyond the school's tutelage is Forbidden Magic. So, when her father bets away everything the family owns, a contract is laid before her- all of their debts wiped if Iris only goes to the Academy. What is there to lose? Well, her freedom. The hallowed halls of the Academy come with a price: she's to be given to the ruthless Vampire Prince, Rowan Caed. An easy job, right? Stay long enough to learn magic, while doing a few...tasks for the Prince. But the Prince has other plans in mind for his new pet. Punishments, pleasure, whips and chains, and a bite or two to boot...
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