Cranberry Cactus: A Novel
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Cranberry Cactus: A Novel by Brendan Michael W.


A missing prominent state senator. A missing retired Green Beret. A mysterious and suggestive Twitter account. Squads of shady men roaming through town. Horrifying activity along a quiet river.

When Nevada State Senator Jack Waugh and a retired Green Beret operator disappear during a hunting trip, Inspector Addison Caldas is sent back to her Massachusetts hometown to augment the investigation. Arriving in town with a quizzical mind, she quickly learns that the missing persons case is only the tip of the iceberg. She meets an investigative journalist from the 
Washington Stargazer, Leo Leonard, who approaches her with an eerie warning. He reveals a cryptic Twitter account hinting at government corruption that he believes is relevant to the case. And then the chaos erupts.
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