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CRIME BUBBLES by Dublyn G. Horris


The FBI investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Prisca Bender, a business executive, twists into the evil loop that connects Rod Jimmy to Adaz Obot in Washington DC. The FBI special agent, Mary Greenwood, in charge of the investigation, cuts open the evil loop to pin down the "Main Shark" and unravel the mystery but she meets her dead end.
The case gets the attention of the US government and Reynold Westley, the CIA finest, teams up with the multi-talented FBI agent, Michael Bending, to continue from where Mary Greenwood has stopped. They find out that what they are faced with is beyond the combined capacity of the FBI and the CIA.
They must break through the evil loop to untangle the links of sheer criminalism and terrorism for US forces to wade in and follow through to the end.

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