Discovering Kai : For the Believers of Unconditional Love
From the minute Claire laid eyes on the mysterious guy at the pool, she could not get the image of him out of her mind. Claire is working as a lifeguard over the summer at her apartment complex’s pool in Kissimmee, Florida. Overtime, she grows fond of him and wants to get to know him. One day after a tragic accident, their lives unexpectedly are changed forever. Kai wants to be human desperately. He is bored of his merman lifestyle. He is given a pill by the leader of Under the Sea (mermaid cartel lord), to give him human powers. The catch is that if he takes the pill, he will never become a merman again. If his love interest Claire, decides to return with him to the sea, he will die due to the effects of the pill. The pill is changing his DNA; he can not live underwater anymore. Kai has to decide whether he wants to stay human or die in the process of returning to the sea. This is a captivating love story between two beautifully flawed characters who realize their love is unmeasurable.
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