FATE: A Middle Grade Viking Adventure for ages 8 to 12 (The Children of Ribe Book 1)
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He’s coming of age in a world of myths and legends. Can this Nordic warrior fend off the hand of darkness?

Erland Kalebsen always dreamed of being a fighter. Nothing more would please him than following in the path of his legendary line of Viking heroes. But when a girl lands on their shores accompanied by a perilous prophecy, and whispers of war, Erland’s fantasy becomes a harsh reality.

Banding together with other young adventurers in his clan, the fearless teen dares to set out to find eight magical arm rings that the storyweavers say will ward off disaster. But with a malevolent witch, enemy warriors hunting them, and mythical beasts standing in their way, these proud Vikings may have to sacrifice everything for their quest.

Can Erland and his fierce friends battle a dark curse and save their land from destruction?

FATE is an exhilarating epic Viking fantasy for all kids aged 8 to 12. Uniquely designed and formatted to engage all children, including dyslexic and reluctant readers, to rekindle the joy of reading in. If you or your child likes brave heroes, tales of wonder, gripping adventures, and fairytale-like lands, then you’ll love C.S. Woolley’s captivating tale.

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Genre: Children's
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