Finnish Mythology: Tree Stories
A long time ago Finns, Finno-Ugric tribes and Baltic tribes practised animistic nature-based belief, where everything in nature had its own place and spirit. Trees were widely worshipped. Some trees, holier than others were called spirit trees. In this book, you will learn about ancient tree worship and mythologies and stories told about different tree species and gods, goddesses and magical creatures related to them. How these trees were used in folk magic and how people saw them. Sacred groves were very common. These special places were thought to harbour gods and goddesses, so they were also worshipped and given sacrificial gifts of food, drink and treasures. Altars were built in these groves for the purpose of worship. An altar was usually a large stone or a wooden table holding a statue or an image of a particular deity. Sacred groves were communally owned by an entire village and were generally located in the woods near the village. People could visit a grove alone or in groups to show reverence to the gods. It was believed that trees understood humans, especially women. People told their troubles to trees and felt certain that the trees kept their secrets. In the old days, people relied more on the forest than they do today. The entire forest ecosystem offered almost all of the materials needed for life: shelter and abundant food like berries, plants, mushrooms and animals.Learn about the Christmas tree tradition and how it arrived in Finland and the tree emuu's, these were spirits that created the different tree species. Niina Pekantytär aka Fairychamber is known for her passion and knowledge of Finnish mythology and folklore. Born in northern Finland, Niina grew up listening to these stories from a very young age.
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