Fishers’ of Men: A 30 – Day Devotional
Fishers’ of Men is a compilation of some of my most personal journal entries and bible study highlights from the last couple of years. It details how the presence and word of God has given me hope and encouragement during my daily walk with Him and how God has spoken to me through the scriptures, during some of the most testing times in my life. I hope it will also encourage and give you the strength to persevere amidst your own challenges. Within this book you will find keys to obedience and understand fully the faithfulness of God and how God has been faithful to me and his people in the pages of scripture. The book also includes some of my own illustrations and conveys various elements of the armour of God. Within the pages of this book, you will find solace, inspiration, and divine connection. Through the lens of scripture, you will discover how divine wisdom guided not only me amidst multiple challenges, but the biblical authors and historical figures mentioned within the book of which God has used their story to encourage me in the current world’s society. The book highlights the faithfulness of God to his people in scripture and to us as believers today. Fishers’ of Men is a book devoted to the presence of God in my life and in the lives of believers around the world.
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