Forget Having Kids. I’m Having Fun: 1000 Random Reasons I Chose to Be #ChildFree

"Forget Having Kids - I’m Having Fun" is a FUN book that examines all avenues of life and answers the question:
Why Do So Many People Not Want Kids?

Extremely Racy

"Forget Having Kids. I'm Having Fun" is a page-turner written in the vein of the classic tv show "Everybody Hates Chris". It's a wink-wink from the front cover to the last pages that will have parents and child-free people laughing and thinking about the cycle of life and how we arrive at making life's biggest decision.

This insight-filled book encourages positive self-care while challenging traditional ideas.

"Forget Having Kids. I'm Having Fun" is a conversation starter. How you end that story is up to you

Chapters Include:
Chapter 1 The
Vas Deferens
Chapter 2 Reason # 137
There’s Nothing a Kid Can’t Break
Chapter 3 Reason # 430
Because STFU
Chapter 4 Reason #45
But They Want to Travel Too
Chapter 5 Reason # 617
Everybody’s Got a Friend Named Mike
Chapter 6 Reason #122
I Don’t Want the Responsibility
Chapter 7 Reason #223
The Book of Brittany, Part 1
Chapter 8 Reason # 828
There’s Never a Good Time to Have Kids
Chapter 9 Reason #308
I’m Selfish and That’s Okay
Chapter 10 Reason #268
I Am Not a Role Model
Chapter 11 Reason # 33
Who’s Gonna Entertain Them?
Chapter 12 Reason #101
I Don’t Find Kids Interesting
Chapter 13 Reason #521
Jeffrey Dahmer Versus MLK
Chapter 14 Reason #71
Not All Kids Are Smart, Not All Kids Are Cute
Chapter 15 Reason #501
Kids Don’t Come with Instruction Manuals
Chapter 16 Reason #928
I Swore I’d Never Do Math Homework Again
Chapter 17 Reason #809
The Mom and Dad Bod
Chapter 18 Reason #315
I Can’t Always Protect Them
Chapter 19 Reason #806
I Don’t Need to Leave a Legacy
Chapter 20 Reason #6
Kids Have Cooties
Chapter 21 Reason #1
They Cost Too Damn Much
Chapter 22 Reason #620
When My Relationships End, I Want a Clean Break
Chapter 23 Reason #730
Anthony Bourdain
Chapter 24 Reason #911
The Book of Brittany, Part 2

Book Length: